A point of view

This morning my mind is shattered by invention.  So many ideas spin around in my head like old friends with whom there is never enough time to connect.  A deep breath shapes my consciousness and I focus as I walk along the Riverfront in the later hours of early morning.  There is a younger man walking with a skateboard.  Perhaps in his 30's. Friendly enough - he says hello.  Conspicuous by his presence every morning and certainly appearing to be older than your usual skateboarder, he wanders listlessly without purpose.  Bearded and with an uncertain gait he attracts the attention of--neighborhood watch.  Everyone is blogging about the mysteriousness of this character -  but no one will ask him and no one wants to ask him why he appears as he does.  I am certain that if he dropped the skateboard and showed up with a cellphone no one would give him another thought.  Is he a victim of predatorial voyuerism?  The skateboard is the message.  What is it?

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    1. Thank you for your kind remark. This is a site for commentary and observation. Our response to appearances are what shape our perceptions. Please share anything that is of interest.

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